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Your Pregnancy – Week 7

Pregnancy Videos: First trimester

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Your baby’s first trimester development - week 7

At seven weeks your baby’s heart has formed. It has all four chambers and beats around 150 times a minute – twice as fast as your own heart beat1.

Your baby’s arms and legs are no more than tiny paddles. He is not able to move them yet, and it will be some time before you begin to feel his kicks and punches. The sex organs have also formed by week seven but won’t be visible on an ultrasound for another few months1.

Can I continue to exercise now that I’m pregnant?

Not only can you exercise during pregnancy, but it is important that you do. Exercise will reduce your constipation and other aches of pregnancy. It improves your circulation which increases the amount of oxygen your baby will receive. Continual exercise throughout your pregnancy is also shown to shorten the time you are in labour and make birth much easier for you1.

Contact sports are not a good idea whilst you’re pregnant, and it’s important not to start any new forms of exercise, especially strenuous exercise like running. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and don’t allow yourself to become too hot1.

As your bump grows walking and swimming are two forms of gentle exercise that are great for you and your baby.

Will my stressful job harm my baby?

When you get stressed your baby gets stressed, increasing the level of stress hormone, cortisol, into your baby’s body1.

Prolonged periods of stress have been linked to low-birth weight and premature labour so it is important to stay relaxed and keep things in perspective1.

Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Pregnancy Essentials


1. Cooper, C., 2008. Pregnancy Essentials. London: Ryland Peters and Small.


10556 April 2012

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