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Your Pregnancy – Week 5

Pregnancy Videos: First trimester

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Your baby’s first trimester development - week 5

By week five your baby (called an embryo) is roughly the size of a match head. Even so, it has three distinct layers1:

- Ectoderm (outer layer) – this will become your baby’s brain, nerves and skin

- Endoderm (inner layer) – this will become your baby’s organs

- Mesoderm (middle layer) – this will become your baby’s bones and muscles

In week five your embryo will start to take form, developing a head and a tail, which will later become his body1.

What are the first pregnancy symptoms I will get?

In week five your body will be flooded with pregnancy hormones and you should finally get confirmation from a pregnancy test. You may feel some mild abdominal aching as your pelvis begins to prepare for the task of carrying a baby1.

During this week morning sickness starts for many women, although some women will go through their entire pregnancy without any nausea at all. Morning sickness can last all day; it can involve physically being sick or just nausea, and can be triggered by motion or strong smells1.

Try to eat little and often, chew ginger or eat ginger biscuits. Speak to your doctor if you are worried that you’re not able to keep anything down as there are medications which can help with morning sickness1.

Try to remember that morning sickness, however unpleasant, is a sign your baby is growing and thriving.

Around week five of your pregnancy you may also become tired more easily and experience swollen, tender or painful breasts.


Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Pregnancy Essentials


1. Cooper, C., 2008. Pregnancy Essentials. London: Ryland Peters and Small.


10554 April 2012

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