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Your Pregnancy – Week 10

Pregnancy Videos: First trimester

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Your baby’s first trimester development - week 10

Your baby’s bones are now starting to form, and your baby’s teeth are in place under his gums1.

Amazingly for week ten of your pregnancy, your baby’s internal organs have already starting functioning too, which is another reason for your frequent trips to the toilet as your baby’s kidney’s are producing urine1.

What weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

Not only will you gain weight during your pregnancy, but it is important that you do. For many women pregnancy is a chance to relax from years of dieting and careful eating.

It is vital that you eat healthy and nourishing meals throughout your pregnancy. Whilst this is not a time to eat for two or gorge on forbidden foods, it is important to listen to your body1 – so if you’re hungry, eat.

Eating little and often will not only help with morning sickness but it will keep your energy levels up and help with fatigue1.

What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

• Oily fish is great for your baby’s developing brain, but avoid tuna as it contains high quantities of mercury, which is toxic for your baby1

• Stay away from soft cheeses like brie, blue cheese, camembert and some goat’s cheese, as soft cheeses contain the bacteria listeria which is harmful during pregnancy1

• Avoid pate, liver products and undercooked or raw meats, as well as seafood and raw eggs, which may contain salmonella1


Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Pregnancy Essentials


1. Cooper, C., 2008. Pregnancy Essentials. London: Ryland Peters and Small.


10559 April 2012

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