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Your Pregnancy – Week 1

Pregnancy Videos: First trimester

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 1

    Its week 1 of your pregnancy and you are not even pregnant yet, but theres still lots going on. Find out about your first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 2

    Why should I take folic acid in the first trimester of my pregnancy? Find out all you need to know about week 2 of your pregnancy here.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 3

    Am I actually pregnant yet? Find out how your baby is developing in week 3 and get your first trimester pregnancy questions answered.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 4

    Is it too early to experience morning sickness? Dr Carol Cooper explains the changes occurring in your first trimester and in week 4 of your pregnancy.

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    Suffering with sore and sensitive breasts during your first trimester of pregnancy? Get advice from Dr Carol Cooper on what you can do at week 9 here.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 10

    What types of cheese should I avoid now that I’m pregnant? Dr Carol Cooper answers your first trimester pregnancy questions here and explains what your baby is doing at week 10.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 11

    Are antenatal tests harmful to my baby? Click here to learn about week 11 of your pregnancy and what tests to expect during your first trimester.

  • Your Pregnancy – Week 12

    What are the symptoms of miscarriage? Dr Carol Cooper offers information and advice on first trimester pregnancy here, and what to expect at week 12.

What happens in week one of my pregnancy?

You may not conceive for another week but in week 1 your body is already preparing for the release of your next egg. From the moment you finish your period, the lining of your womb will start to thicken in preparation for a fertilised egg and a pregnancy1.

How is my due date calculated?

The date your baby is due is calculated by counting forty weeks from the first day of your last period2. This is generally considered to be the most accurate method of pregnancy dating because most women, especially those trying to conceive, will know the date they got their last period. Using the date that you actually conceived is much harder to calculate. Even if you know the date of ovulation, there is still no way of knowing what day your partner’s sperm fertilised your egg. Even the date you had sex is not particularly accurate as sperm can survive inside your body for several days.

Your due date may change by a few days or even a week when you have your first ultrasound scan at around 12 weeks. During the first trimester all babies grow roughly the same amount at the same time, so your baby’s size will be measured and a new due date may be given2.

Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Pregnancy Essentials


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