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What Is Young Epilepsy?

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What is Young Epilepsy?

Young epilepsy is the leading national charity for children and young people under 25 with epilepsy. We provide residential education for children who have very complex epilepsy, often with other associated conditions such as autism, ADHD and learning disabilities.

It is of course, at the center, looking at every individual child’s needs on an individual basis. That is absolutely critical. So every child here who is at the school, or college or comes into our medical center is assessed individually, has an individual training programme, has an individual health support programme. We also work very closely with them to make sure that they are achieving the very best that they can achieve.

I think its fair to say that often children come to us having been through a series of other schools. They’ve often been through the state education system and for one reason or another they find themselves out of school altogether. Many children come to us in a very low state of self worth and are often quite depressed. A lot of the work we do here, particularly with our psychological and psychiatric support is to build up their feelings of self worth, of success and achievement. It is then when we can build on their educational needs on top of that.

Angela Dodds St Piers College Teacher

‘I teach art to a range of students, some high ability, some less high ability. What I aim to do is to not only get them through courses, but to also make them more involved and make it interesting for them.‘

Life is going to be a challenge for many of our students, so we need to make sure they have the social skills to interact with other people. When possible we help them develop the self-determination to be able to ask for what they need, and to contribute themselves to expect things from others.

Interviewer: ‘What do you enjoy most about coming to St Piers?’

Student: ‘Making new friends and going to the disco and youth club and DJ-ing.’

St Piers is a wonderful place to send any student or young person with epilepsy or other special education needs. They get a very good education that goes throughout the day but in a residential setting. It goes on 24 hours a day.

For more information visit youngepilepsy.org.uk

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