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When Will The Results For LLETZ Treatment Be Available?

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When Will The Results For LLETZ Treatments Be Available?

The results of your LLETZ treatment won’t be available immediately. What will happen is that both yourself and your doctor will be written to with these results. If you speak to a member of team that’s there at the time of your treatment they will give you a rough idea about how long it will take to wait for the actual results to come through.

Following on from treatment you are going to be invited back, generally around six months later for a smear test. That smear test is going to give information about whether or not that treatment has been successful. We’ve also introduced HPV testing into the screening programme (Availability for HPV testing varies throughout the UK). This is a test that’s also carried out on the same sample that is taken from the smear test. And it is going to give us information about whether you have what we call high risk HPV following on from treatment. What we know is, after treatment, for CIN, if you don’t have high risk HPV then you’re not at risk of having any further changes or at risk of any further treatment being required.

After this we would then advise you to go back and have a smear test in three or five years depending on your age. If you do have high risk HPV then don’t worry, it just means that you might need to have a little bit more follow up in the colposcopy unit or with your GP.

Catherine King- Colposcopy Clinical Nurse Specialist


Published September 2013

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