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What Is A Cone Biopsy?

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What Is A Cone Biopsy?

A cone biopsy is a procedure where we remove a lightly larger sample from the cervix. A cone biopsy is usually done under general anesthetic and this is where we will cut away a sample of abnormality within the cervix.

What happens after a cone biopsy?

After having a cone biopsy then you’re going to be on a ward where we are just going to be monitoring you, to make sure that you’re not in any pain and are not experiencing any heavy bleeding.

Sometimes after the cone biopsy you’ll have a vaginal pack in place, which is simply there to make sure that you don’t have any heavy bleeding. The vaginal pack can be removed shortly afterwards when your team feels that it’s an appropriate time. Sometimes you will also have a catheter in place, which just allows urine to drain away. This needs to be in place if you’ve got a vaginal pack in place.

Following a cone biopsy you’re going to expect to stay in hospital over night. Providing you’ve not got any heavy bleeding, you’ve been able to have something to eat and drink, you’ve passed urine and the team are happy then you should be able to go home the next day.

When you go home you can expect some period type discomfort. This can be similar to the effects that you may experience after having had a LLETZ procedure. What we want to do is just make sure you are taking some simple painkillers if you need to and for you to look out for any heavy bleeding.

If you were worried at all you should contact your team to discuss your concerns, but, again, it’s perfectly normal to expect a period type bleed and this may last for around four weeks. You may also get a little bit of discharge during this time.

Catherine King- Colposcopy Clinical Nurse Specialist


Jo’s Trust Helpline: 0808 802 8000


Published September 2013

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