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What Causes PE and ED?

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Is PE and ED more common in people who are inexperienced?

“Once cause for premature ejaculation could be if the person was inexperienced or if they are very nervous.”

“I think that perhaps there is a difference if people have been circumcised.”

“I think erectile dysfunction could be a factor if you don’t fancy your partner”

“Diet perhaps? Maybe it might be genetic”

“It depends how good looking the broad is!”

Dr Brett: Yes there is some evidence, yes, because there is always that element of nervousness and anxiety, both of which can lead to PE and ED. Perhaps the first time the man has sex, there may be some elements of these conditions.

Dr Hennessey: I think a lot of young men think that excessive masturbation might lead onto premature ejaculation, or has maybe caused their premature ejaculation.

Dr Brett: I mean that theory isn’t actually true, and one of the ways of treating premature ejaculation is controlled masturbation.

Dr Hennessey: It does seem to be true that some people stop fancying their partners sexually, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction in a man.

Dr Brett: Certainly in long-term relationships this is very often the case, but I think it is also important to remember, particularly as the man ages, and gets over the age of forty, puts on a bit of weight and perhaps has been smoking for a number of years, that physical factors can come into play as well.

But then there are a lot of theories regarding the psychological cause of premature ejaculation. These may relate to an adverse early sexual experience, where there was a lot of pressure to get it over and done with as quick as possible. For example if it was in the back of the car or in the parents home with the parent creeping around.

Dr Hennessey: I think that a healthy diet along with exercise and general fitness can improve sexual health. But in terms of an aphrodisiac or a specific food, is there anything that you recommend Tom?

Dr Brett: No actually, there isn’t any evidence at all. You are right that diet can play a part. If you have a high fat/high cholesterol diet and if you drink a lot of alcohol and if you don’t take care of yourself then that will contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Dr Hennessey: What about this idea of genetic problems, or things being passed through families? I think that there is maybe a little more evidence around that.

Dr Brett: Yes, and this is particularly true for the organic causes of ED. High cholesterol tends to run in families. If there is a history of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure or diabetes then there is evidence that these conditions can run in families and they will contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Dr Christina Hennessey Services Development Clinician at DrThom

Dr Tom Brett Medical Director at DrThom

10905 Published February 2013

Review Scheduled February 2014

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