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Weaning Twins and Multiples

Twins and Multiple Birth Videos

Tips to wean twins, triplets or quads

The guidance for starting to wean any baby is the same regardless of whether they are a single baby or one of many. Your babies should be ready for solids between the ages of four to six months, although smaller babies may need a bit longer, which is often the case with twins and triplets.

Advice for twins, triplets or quads

Weaning twins means you also get twice the mess so it is best to feed your babies somewhere that is easy to clean afterwards; this is usually the kitchen.

It is best to start to wean your babies at the same time, unless they are very different in size or there is a medical reason not to.

Start by taking off jumpers, blankets and any other unnecessary clothing. You may also wish to take off some of your own clothing and where an apron too.

It is impossible to stop your twins or triplets from sharing germs which means there is no need to use a separate bowl and spoon for each of your babies. When you start to wean your baby, it is more about taste than quantity so start with one small bowl and one spoon. Feed a spoonful of food to each baby in turn, only stopping to refill the spoon. Your babies will soon get used to this method and sit with their mouths open ready.

Unless one of your babies has an allergy, then it is better to offer them the same food.

Catering for preferences at an early age is not only very time consuming, but sets a difficult precedent as they grow.

Giving your babies finger foods is a good way to keep them distracted whilst they wait for their turn to feed.


Dr Carol Cooper, GP

Author of Twins and Multiple Births

All information used in this article was sourced from:

Cooper, C., 2004. Twins and Multiple Births. 2nd ed. Chatham: Vermilion


10691 Revised November 2012

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