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Washing Your Hands: The Shocking Facts

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Washing Your Hands: The Shocking Facts

It seems simple-soap, water, dry. Yet washing our hands after using the bathroom is something many of us do not do correctly. A recent survey carried out by The University of London has dished the dirt on some filthy habits. Shockingly, 10% of Britons do not wash their hands at all after using the loo with 15% of men opting out against 7% of women. The survey also revealed that only 5% of the population wash their hands properly after visiting the porcelain throne. This has left us with some mind blowing statistics such as 1 in every 6 mobile phones, 14 % of banknotes and 10% of credit cards being contaminated with faecal matter. It is simply too easy for germs to be spread these days through social contact.

Health experts warn that failing to wash our hands properly can lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, food poisoning, flu and the spread of MRSA. With 1 gram of human faeces containing up to 10 million viruses and 1 million bacteria, you might want to think twice about leaving the washroom-unwashed.

Simply dipping your hands in a little water for a second or two and shaking them off doesn’t cut it anymore. Clean hands only take 20 seconds to achieve. That’s as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday-twice! Soap- which was invented by the Babylonians in 2800 BC still manages to get neglected by the modern world. Using some soap and drying your hands properly will ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit of germs being killed.

Next time you visit the bathroom remember that washing your hands isn’t all about you- it’s about everyone and everything you come into contact with during the day.


Published July 2013

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