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Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

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Diabetes can be treated in many different ways depending on the type of diabetes an individual has and the level of difficulty their body has at breaking down sugar.


When people think about diabetes treatments their first thought is most likely to be of insulin injections. However, for type 2 diabetes, the most common form of treatment is oral. The two main tablet treatments are:

• Sulfonylureas
• Metformin

These drugs work by helping the pancreas to produce insulin, keeping a person’s blood sugar levels down.

A newer oral treatment for type 2 diabetes is now available called glitazones, which works by increasing the effect insulin has within the body, so less insulin is needed to manage blood-glucose levels

For people suffering with diabetes, the advice given by healthcare professionals is to:

• Take the drugs prescribed by their doctor as often as they need to
• Monitor blood-glucose levels regularly by testing urine or, more commonly, testing the blood with a pin prick test read by a meter. Regularly testing at different points during the day is most effective in monitoring the level of sugar present in the blood.

If a diabetic’s blood sugar starts to drift into abnormal levels it is vital that they visit their GP or diabetic clinic immediately. Tight control over blood sugar levels is essential for managing diabetes. Do not wait.

Dr Paul Stillman, General Practitioner
Expert in health education
Chief medical adviser of Streaming Well


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