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Top Tips For Looking After Your Eyes

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Top Tips For Looking After Your Eyes

1. Eye Tests

Regular eye tests are important because they spot early signs of eye conditions. Getting treated as early as possible is essential to catch any underlying problems before the eyesight deteriorates.

Adults should have their eyes checked every two years and are encouraged to visit their opticians immediately if they have any concerns for their eye health. Children should be checked out if you notice them doing things like sitting close to the television, rubbing their eyes, blinking frequently and holding objects close to their face.

2. Smoking

While smoking is famously known to greatly increase the risk of numerous cancers, what is not as well known is its damaging effects on your vision. Smoking can lead to a higher risk of age related macular degeneration, a condition where people gradually lose their central vision.

3. Exercise

Keeping moving can greatly reduce the risk of sight loss. This is because keeping fit can help reduce high blood pressure, diabetes and the hardening or narrowing of the arteries or atherosclerosis. While these conditions are bad news in themselves, they also increase the risk of sight loss.

4. Food

Believe it or not, maintaining a healthy balanced diet does have a positive impact on your eye health. While eating carrots won’t make you have super night vision, consuming plenty of fruit and veg will benefit your overall health, which can help to keep your delicate retina in ship shape condition .

5. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to macular degeneration. Drinking more than 4 units of alcohol per day for a number of years can increase the risk of developing the condition at an earlier age.

6. Sunlight

Sunlight exposure can cause cataracts. Avoid looking at the sun directly and always wear a wide brimmed hat or UV protectant sunglasses on sunny days to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays .

11081 Published October 2013


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