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The Terrible Twos in Twins and Multiples

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Why are the terrible twos worse for twins and multiples?

Between the ages of one and three all toddlers will try to push their parents to the limit as they discover the world and struggle to exert their own independence. The difference for parents of twins or more is that your attention will be constantly divided whilst you battle to keep your toddlers busy and out of trouble. This makes safety during the toddler years even trickier. When you rush to the aid of one toddler who is hurt or in trouble, it often means her sister is left unattended and at risk of injuring herself.

Toddler safety for twins, triplets and quads

Toys advertised as safe for toddlers can actually be dangerous for twins and multiples. Anything with string attached can be used by one toddler to strangle his brother. Pretend hammers become weapons, and even the cutest of toys, like a rocking horse, can trap little fingers.

Thinking ahead can help to pre-empt safety issues. Keep nails short and cot sides down so that your toddlers have less far to fall when they decide to climb out.

There is no such thing as a child-proof room for twin in the terrible twos. Things that may be out of reach for a single toddler might be easily grabbed by a toddler of twins because even from a very young age toddler twins will play and work together. You will need to watch them carefully and constantly whilst they explore their world. This means that you will be unlikely to give them as much individual attention as you would like, but at this age safety has to come before anything else.

Dr Carol Cooper, GP

Author of Twins and Multiple Births

All information used in this article was sourced from:

Cooper, C., 2004. Twins and Multiple Births. 2nd ed. Chatham: Vermilion


10693 Revised November 2012

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