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The Haven | Helping Cancer Patients At Home

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The Haven | helping cancer patients at home 

Hello, and welcome to Breast Cancer Haven at Home. I'm Eve Warren, and I've been a life-work coach for over 20 years now, helping people to deal practically with life changes.

I first got to hear of the Haven in 2000, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I'm a therapist here now, and I support people to deal positively and practically with the challenges a diagnosis brings.

Breast Cancer Haven is a registered charity offering free support, information, and complementary therapies to anyone affected by breast cancer.

We do this at our day centres, on the phone, via our website, and through our DVDs and CDs such as these.

When I was diagnosed, I found the information and advice almost overwhelming, and it was difficult to choose the support that was right for me.

How can you select from all the information that support that's both safe and beneficial and will help you?

I found that I could trust Breast Cancer Haven. It gave me a range of options, all of which were tried and tested and delivered by caring and experience professionals.

I knew that time spent on me would really make a difference and support my health and well-being.

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