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Prostate Cancer Support

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Prostate cancer communication and support

It can be difficult to talk to family and friends about prostate cancer diagnosis; however prostate cancer sufferer, Ian Graham Jones, urges men to talk about their diagnosis as much as possible:

“I felt that being open about it was by far the best thing. Everyone was sympathetic and helpful. I also turned to a local support organisation for help and support, who put me in touch with the right people I could talk to.”

David Childs Hopkins also turned to a local support group for prostate cancer: “I first made contact with the Prostate Cancer Support Organisation (PCaSO) because I felt nervous about my diagnosis. PCaSO gave me the opportunity to make contact with like-minded people who'd had similar problems.”

Most support groups, like PCaSO, have a helpline number people can call. Helplines offer an opportunity for anyone concerned about prostate cancer to ask questions or share concerns that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their families or friends.


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