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Smile With Dental Implants

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Lawrence describes his experience of dental implants:

"I'm just so pleased to get my smile back.

I had root canal problems, abscesses that just went on and on and on, and in the end I lost my teeth. Being involved in sales and covering a very large area means early starts and late finishes. This caused a problem for me because if use a fixative to help secure the denture it would wear off throughout the day.

Since having the dental implants my life has changed. Now my life is normal. I eat when I want to, and do everything else when I want to rather than worrying about dentures. Landing at a hotel and wanting a steak was a massive problem but not anymore.

When I first looked into implants I worried about costs of new dentures but my dentist explained to me that the implant could be fitted temporarily to the existing denture.

After the implants I could eat right away, but I did suffer for 3-4 days with a little bit of discomfort. Having spoken with other people who have had similar cosmetic dentistry, I seem to have been unlucky in that respect, because I’ve talked to 3 or 4 other people that had no problems whatsoever.

I find it interesting that friends and acquaintances mentioned when I first lost my teeth that I looked as though I'd lost a lot of weight, and often asked me if I was ill? After the implants those very same people commented on how well I looked."


10041 December 2011