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Simon Holmes Introduces his Golf Programme

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Introduction to the Swing into Action programme

Simon Holmes, professional golf coach and teacher has been interested for 20 years in improving professionals and amateurs in their golf game.

If you're one of those guys who comes pounding in your car to the carport, races over to the first tee, and you try to smash one off the first hole, it does two things

Prevent injuries and improve your golf game

One, it injures your body. So, we're talking about the health aspect of golf. And, two, if you take five holes before you really warm up, those first five holes could have killed your score. So, we're talking about playing better golf.

In the health aspect, we're going to show you how to warm up correctly. We’ll show you how to loosen up all of those key areas of your body for injury prevention and to help you swing the club better.

We're also talking about how a round of golf is a healthy activity. It's a long walk, so we're talking also about the health of the inside of your body. We will include awareness, for example, of cholesterol and how healthy your heart is.

So, in this program, we've got two goals: the first one is to improve your golf game. The second one is to give you an awareness of your health, an awareness of your cholesterol level, and to be able to reduce that if necessary.

Simon Holmes


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