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How To Test For An STI

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STI testing kits

Most people aren't aware of home STI testing, let alone how to test for an STI themselves. Your sti testing kit will arrive in discreet packaging and no one will know what it is. It usually will contain a pre-paid, pre-addressed return envelope, request form, and, if you're a man, a urine collection container; or, if you're a woman, a vaginal swab. Be sure to check that the test number on the instruction sheet, the request form, and the urine collection bottle or vaginal swab are all the same.

Taking a Urine Sample

1.)If you're a man, remove the urine collection bottle from the round, screw-top container.

2.)Fill in the label on the container, complete the request form, and place it in the return envelope.

3.)Wait at least two hours until your last urinated, ideally first thing in the morning.

4.)Unscrew the top from the collection bottle, urinate into the bottle, making sure to catch the first few drops.

5.)Fill the bottle to the 20 mil line, screw the top back on tightly, and place the sample into the screw-top container with the absorbent cloth, screwing the lid on tightly.

Using a Vaginal Swab

1.)If you're a woman, write your full name and your date of birth on the swab container. Complete the request form and place it into the return envelope. Twist the cap of the swab container to break the seal. Don't touch the soft tip or lay the swab down.

2.)Hold the swab with one hand so that it's pointing toward you. With the other hand, spread the skin outside the vagina. Insert the swab no more than two inches into the vagina and rotate the swab for 10 to 15 seconds so that the moisture is absorbed by the swab.

3.)Withdraw the swab without touching the outer skin and place it back into the tube and push it closed to seal it.

4.)Place the urine sample or the swab into the return envelope with the request form and post it in any post box. Depending on the test, results will be uploaded to your patient record within three to seven working days. And if you selected the option, we'll text you to let you know when they're ready.

Your results are completely confidential and accessible only by you and your GP will not be informed if not asked specifically.

Some clinics can arrange anonymous notifications to any partners who may be at risk. They just need you to supply a mobile telephone number and they do not pass on any details about you or even mention what the infection is. They just say the number has been given to them as a possible sexually transmitted infection contact. They then suggest a general sexual health checkup.

10842 Published September 2012

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