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Risks Of Taking The Pill

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Should I take a break from the pill?

There's been a lot of concern over the risks of taking the pill for years and years for women's health. There was concern at one time, quite a lot of concern about breast cancer for instance. Certainly women who are at increased risk of breast cancer because they have a strong family history like mothers sisters cousins who've all had it at a young age, they should certainly get specialist advice and there are some women who shouldn't be on the pill at all women who have had a thrombosis, a clot in their leg, shouldn't go on the normal pill, it would be dangerous for them. There are some women who may be at increased risk of having a blood clot for instance if you're overweight and you smoke and you're getting nearer to 40 years old, these are all things that come together to increase your risk.

Generally speaking if you're at low risk, and you can go on the pill safely, then your risk from being on the pill is not increased.

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