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Prostate Cancer And Early Detection

Prostate Cancer Patient videos

Prostate cancer caught early can be cured. Once the cancer cells have spread outside of the prostate gland, a man’s treatment and prognosis is not as good.

For this reason, prostate charities like PCaSO (Prostate Cancer Support Organisation) are campaigning to the government to introduce tests for detecting prostate cancer earlier and to raise awareness of prostate cancer to men most at risk of the disease.

David Smith, prostate cancer sufferer and campaigner for PCaSO, had never heard of detecting cancer earlier. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer only after visiting his doctor with urinary discomfort:

“Early detection of prostate cancer is very important to me. I have two sons nearing their forties. They have an increased chance of getting prostate cancer so it’s important to me that the Government brings in early detection.”

Prostate cancer screening tests – early detection

There is no national screening programme for prostate cancer in the UK. Men who are concerned about prostate cancer can request to be screened by their GP. Doctors in the UK are not allowed to deny a man a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test.

David Childs Hopkins did just this: “I had no real symptoms but went to my doctor and requested a PSA test. Unfortunately, I did have prostate cancer, but because I’d had the test at an early stage of prostate cancer, my prognosis was much better than most.”

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