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How To Potty Train Twins And Multiples

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Is potty training twins twice as hard?

Potty training twins will most likely be easier than you expect. It will probably be messier than you might expect though, as it is difficult, if not impossible, to help one toddler use the potty and keep an eye on his brother. Be patient and carry a change of clothes for each twin and a towel with you whenever you go out.

How to potty train twins or triplets

Potty training multiples is no different from potty training one, but there are a few key things to remember when potty train more than one toddler. First, it will be easier if you don’t try to potty train your twins at the same time unless you feel they are both ready. It is perfectly normal for there to be months between each toddler learning to use the potty. It is also common for your second and subsequent toddlers to pick up potty training quicker than their brother or sister because they will copy and learn from them.

You will find it very useful to keep a potty close by for each toddler. Potties are not something you can get away with only having one of. When one toddler is using the potty, his brother will also want to, even if it is just pretend.

The advice I give to all parents, regardless of whether they have one, two, three or more toddlers to potty train, is not to rush it. All toddlers will pick it up in their own time.


Dr Carol Cooper, GP

Author of Twins and Multiple Births

All information used in this article was sourced from:

Cooper, C., 2004. Twins and Multiple Births. 2nd ed. Chatham: Vermilion


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