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The Morning After Pill On Order By Phone

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I support any campaign that’s going to increase women’s access to the morning after pill. What we want to make sure, though is that women don’t get the wrong message and think that it’s ok to be using frequently. Unlike any other form of contraception the morning after pill is not safe to use frequently. If you do try to use it multiple times you will find you get increasingly severe side effects each time. Moreover, your pregnancy rate is actually going to be quite high because it’s simply not effective the more times you use it in the cycle and over the span of a year, you could end up with something like a 20% pregnancy risk.

Secondly, I think you might miss out on that value of that face to face consultation with your doctor or your pharmacist which is really great at going through your personal medical history and just bringing the whole situation home.

Dr Anuradha Arasu, GP is the resident Dr for the Metro. Interests include womens and sexual helath, complementary medicine and cancer prevention. She blogs about the trials and tribulations of general practice which you can follow on gponline.com, The Guardian and on twitter


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