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Mini Dental Implants For Dentures

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Before the implants:

"I've been wearing a denture since 1995. I’ve had a full upper one and a lower partial one, which I never used because it wouldn't keep still in my mouth and I couldn’t really eat with it at all.

It embarrassed me because it limited where I would go and who I was with and, of course, if I would eat out. When I looked at a menu in a restaurant, I always had to keep in mind that I couldn’t chew certain things because of my dentures."

After the implants:

"The best things about having the implants done are that I can eat anything I want to eat, and I look and feel really good.

When my orthodontist spoke to me about mini dental implants I felt very anxious about having it done. I hadn’t actually been to a dentist in about 15 years and I was absolutely terrified. I first had to have an appointment to see if I was suitable for the implants to stabilise my dentures because I had lost a lot of bone in my mouth. After I found out I could, I just decided to go for it.

I have been to functions since I had my dentures done and the difference has been incredible. I could eat anything, I could order anything, and I could talk much better than I could before because I only had so many teeth at the bottom.

The shape of my face has changed dramatically since I had the implants. Before I had it done, my face was thin and I looked very old and very drawn, but since I had it done, my face looks fatter, I've got more confidence and I just think it looks lovely. I'm really pleased I had it done.

I am just so pleased. Now I have the confidence to do things that I couldn’t do before."


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