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Living With Arthritis

Arthritis Videos

Arthritis is a painful and potentially debilitating condition. In addition, many arthritis sufferers also experience psychological effects and secondary symptoms, like depression, as well as sleep deprivation leading to stress and irritability. This can sometimes be as difficult as the arthritis itself.

There are many sources of help for people with arthritis who are finding it difficult to cope with their condition. Turning to friends and family especially those who themselves are living with arthritis can help immensely.

The effort involved in remaining mobile with arthritis can be exhausting, as can be putting a brave face on it for friends and family. People finding it difficult to cope should speak to a doctor.

Antidepressant medication can be prescribed to alleviate these effects of arthritis. Even in small doses, antidepressants can help to relieve pain and lift a person’s mood.

There are also numerous websites and support pages dedicated to the psychological side of living with arthritis. For more information, continue viewing the videos in this section and visit NHS Direct or Arthritis Care, which also provide excellent sources of information. For specific conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, inserting the term into a search engine will lead to one of the major charities, providing a wealth of information on all areas of the condition.

Dr Carol Cooper MA, MB, BChir (Cantab), MRCP
Arthritis Expert, Imperial College Medical School

Dr Carol Cooper is climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise money for Arthritis Care and hopes you'll check out her JustGiving page and sponsor her.


10032 Published October 2011

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