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Hypnotherapy And The Virtual Gastric Band

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What is complementary and alternative medicine ?

It is the use of non-medical methods in the healthcare process. These include the use of supplements, mind-body techniques, energy techniques and manipulation techniques.

What supplements are used in complementary and alternative medicine ?

One major area of Complementary and alternative medicine is the use of natural and other supplements. These can include a full range of vitamin supplements, oil supplements such as Omega-3 and plant sterols as well as herbal supplements such as gingko and ginseng that are made from the roots of different plants.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of Complementary and alternative medicine that involves treating patients who are in hypnosis. When in a hypnotic state, patients display unusual characteristics, most notable hyper-suggestibility. A hypnotherapist uses direct suggestion to alter a patient’s behaviour, remove symptoms such as pain or instill an aversion to harmful behaviours, or products, such as alcohol or drugs.

What is virtual gastric-band surgery?

Virtual Gastric Band Surgery uses clinical hypnotherapy to convince your mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. This leads to you feeling full far more quickly when eating just like having had the real procedure.

How does virtual gastric-band surgery actually happen?

First, it’s important to emphasise that there is no deception. The patient knows that the technique involves hypnotherapy. The patient is admitted to hospital and experiences most of the process of normal gastric band surgery except there’s no surgical procedure. When they get to the operating theatre they are hypnotized and told that they’ve had a gastric band fitted. They are exposed to the sights, sounds and smells of an operating theatre, which helps convince the mind that the procedure has taken place. After the virtual surgery, patients receive follow-up care as if they’ve received a gastric band.

Does virtual gastric-band surgery work?

Evidence suggests that the technique does work. The suggestion that a gastric band has been fitted makes the patient feel full after less food than before. Patients eat less and can lose large amounts of weight by having virtual gastric-band surgery.

What are the advantages of virtual-gastric band surgery?

Any type of invasive surgery using anesthetic has risks. The virtual technique eliminates all of the risks associated with surgical procedures. This is especially important for high-risk patients, and those with history of heart problems or with blood clotting issues. On the downside, the technique is not cheap as it still requires use of an operating theatre and all of the equipment.


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