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How To Weight Lift for Weight Loss

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While cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways of burning calories, strength training should not be over looked when it comes to weight loss.

For every additional pound of muscle you gain your body burns around fifty extra calories a day. Increased muscle mass can also increase your basal metabolic rate by up to fifteen percent. This means that your body burns more calories when at rest. For example, for every two thousand calories you burn you could end up using an extra three hundred, the equivalent to a mars bar.

Studies have also shown that after a typical weight training session your metabolism is raised for up to thirty-six hours. This means that whilst sitting on the couch watching television you can still be burning calories.

Weight Lifting technique for weight loss

To help build muscle you should be doing multiple reps. You should be able to finish your last rep with difficulty but still maintaining good form.

To progress you need to gradually increase the weight you are lifting and changing the number of reps you are doing.

Whilst these tips are important you must not forget about resting and recovery days. Muscles need time to grow and change and can't do that if they are being strained every day.

Woman’s Prejudice

Women are often hesitant to try strength training, as they are afraid of bulking up too much. What they don’t realise is that females don’t have enough testosterone to develop large rippling muscles.

Adding weight lifting to your workout won't give you biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger but will help you lose weight and feel fitter.

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