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How To Control Periods With The Pill

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For women who are taking the oral contraceptive pill, it is now possible to use the pill to either reduce the frequency of menstrual periods or even, in some cases, to avoid them altogether.

Dr. Ann Robinson is a GP in North London and has written a book on women's health and about the bith control pill. Here, she talks about the birth control pill and describes how to control periods using the pill.

Some women even like to use the birth control pill to stop themselves having periods. For instance if you're going on holiday and you want to avoid the period that you might get in the middle, it's absolutely fine to run two or three packets into each other.

There are other women who get really bad migraine headaches for instance during their periods or the run up to their period and again they might choose to take three packets joined together and then take a month off. There's absolutely no problem in doing that as long as you're on one of the ordinary combined pills perhaps you're on Microgynon or Marvelon... they're all fine to run into each other. The ones you can't simply run into each other are the ones that are three different strengths. Not so many people are on those nowadays but they do still exist. Some examples are Trinordial or Trinovum and you know you're on one because they come in the three strengths, and they have three different colors for each week so if you're on one of those you can't just run them on in a straight forward way.

If you want to avoid menstrual periods, be sure to contact your GP to make sure that you and particularly the pill that you're taking are suitable for this sort of action.

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