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How Do You Get A Cold?

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Dr Trisha Macnair answers the common question: How do you get a cold?

A cold is an infection, with a virus, in the nasal passages. As it is all brewing in your nasal cavities and the virus is multiplying furiously, it means that you’re breathing out the virus onto other people. You can sneeze it out or cough it out. The virus comes out in minute, microscopic particles into the air. Breathing or sneezing over people when you have got a cold makes it very likely that you will transmit the cold onto someone else.

It’s also true that we tend to cover our faces with our hands when we sneeze or cough. This means the virus gets all over our hands, and in fact, our hands also spread a lot of respiratory viruses, like colds. Putting our hands on things once we’ve touched our face and touching doorknobs are the worst ways of passing on cold viruses.

So colds are spread by coughing, sneezing and by touching things that have the virus on them.

Dr Trisha Macnair

10858 Published November 2012

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