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  • HIV Myths

    Ever wondered how HIV is spread? Find out whether you can really catch the virus from a toilet seat or by sitting in a Jacuzzi with someone who is HIV positive.

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HIV Transmission Myths

There are a lot of HIV myths about transmission, and in fact it’s relatively hard to catch HIV. You really have to have unprotected sex or share infected injecting drugs or needles. So you cant catch HIV from sharing cups or cutlery with somebody who is HIV positive.

You also can’t catch HIV from normal social interactions such as holding hands, kissing or hugging. Neither can you catch HIV from being at the swimming baths, sitting in a Jacuzzi or sauna. Another myth that isn’t true is that you can catch HIV from a toilet seat. So really it has to be quite an intimate sharing of bodily fluid to catch HIV.

You can’t catch HIV from coughing or sneezing, as HIV is not spread through the air. You also cannot catch HIV from other body fluids such as tears or saliva. So kissing and spitting, or someone crying on you is not a way of spreading HIV.

Dr Michael Brady- Medical Director Terrence Higgins Trust


10871 Published November 2012

Review Scheduled November 2013

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