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Healthy Diet And Exercise During Cancer Treatment

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A healthy and balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising can make a big difference to the prospects of any cancer patient.

Foods can be broken down into 5 groups. The first group includes cereals and starchy foods like wholegrain breads, rice, pasta and potatoes. The second is fruits and vegetables, and the third milk and dairy products. The fourth group contains high protein foods and meat – this includes eggs, and pulses like lentils and beans. The fifth group contains foods that have empty calories. This last group includes high sugar and high saturated fat foods especially oils, processed snack foods, chocolate biscuits and the like.

As a general rule avoid saturated fatty acid and high-sugar foods whilst getting plenty of fibre and fruits and vegetable.

Around two thirds of your daily diet should be from groups 1 and 2. It’s important to get variety as well – eat lots of different types of fruit and veg, not just 5 apples every day!

The final third of your daily intake should be divided evenly between the dairy and milk products of group 3 and high proteins in group 4. Nutritionists advise people to try to get lots of protein from pulse, lentils and beans as these contain more fibre and a lot less saturated fat than most cuts of meat. Try to have a little meat for taste and bulk up on the beans.

It’s best to avoid the 5th group as much as possible. The calories contained in processed foods, chocolate biscuits and packets of crisps are called empty calories because they provide little nutrition and lots of saturated fats and sugars.

Breast Cancer and Exercise

Keeping fit on top of eating a balanced diet helps your body to battle your cancer. People who are unfit are more likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes. If you have cancer you want your body to be working 100% against the cancer.

Exercising 5 times per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour can significantly improve your fitness even if it’s just a walk or doing seated exercise with your upper body for those who are less mobile. Combined with a good diet this can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

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