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Getting Tested For Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Patient videos

How common is prostate cancer?

Every year prostate cancer affects 36,000 men in the UK1. If caught in the early stages prostate cancer can be cured; however it is an unfortunate fact that 10,000 men die from prostate cancer every year, many of whom would still be alive if their cancer was detected at an earlier stage1.

Getting tested for prostate cancer – patient stories

Management Consultant, David Smith, travelled around the world for work. He only visited his doctor for prostate tests after experiencing urinary symptoms. By this time, the prostate cancer had spread:

“I was aware of prostate cancer, but I never considered it was an option for me. I was not the sort of person that worried about my health. I ignored anything to do with my health.”

David Childs Hopkins was more fortunate. He visited his doctor for a prostate test after learning about prostate cancer from an awareness campaign:

“I was proactive about having my prostate checked despite not having any known symptoms of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, my tests found that there was a problem, but I was very lucky that it was caught early and at this point in my life it is under control.”

David Childs Hopkins gives this advice to men: “I would highly recommend that men, once they reach their forties, have tests to ascertain whether they have any problems with prostate cancer, regardless of whether they have any symptoms or not.”

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