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Exercise For Your Heart

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Exercise is incredibly important for a healthy heart. After all, your heart is a muscle and it needs working regularly, and sometimes pushing it to its limits. This will keep the arteries healthy and keep the blood flowing round the system, delivering all those nutrients your body needs to keep healthy.

Exercise is fantastic for lowering blood pressure and keeping it under control. It’s also great for cholesterol levels and for burning calories to keeping your waistline in check. It releases feel good hormones, or endorphins, that help you feel happier, reduce stress and help you sleep better. They generally give you a much healthier outlook on life and a spring in your step.

How Much Exercise?

So ideally spread those one hundred and thirty minutes over five days, aim for thirty minutes a day. You can split this up, it doesn’t have to be 30 minutes all in one session. You could perhaps fit ten minutes in in the morning before work or school, maybe take a walk at lunchtime or in the evening. So don’t feel that you need to find large chunks of time to get exercise in. Its really important that you do do something, but really about where you can fit in in, within your day, and really make every minute count.

What Kind of Exercise?

Anything goes! use the stairs instead of the lift, get off the bus a stop earlier. Maybe park your car in the furthest spot you can find in that car park, so you are making every minute count.

Of course, if you are not completely sure you are able or should be exercising then its always best that you take advice from your doctor.

10917 Published February 2013

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