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Healthy Diet For Toddlers

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How do I get my toddler to eat healthy snacks?

A healthy diet for toddlers is imperitive to their growth and future well being.Providing healthy snacks and meals for your toddler, as well as encouraging good table manners from an early age, will pay dividends as she grows. Toddlers learn by example so wherever possible you and other adults should eat with your toddler to show her how to behave during meal times.

Giving your toddler a variety of food will stop them from becoming bored. Fresh fruit, cheese, yoghurt, unsweetened cereals, chopped hard boiled eggs, breadsticks and raw vegetables make great healthy snacks. Cutting them into shapes like stars and faces can make eating more fun.

Why is my toddler refusing food?

Sometimes toddlers can be too thirsty to eat so it is important to offer her water or juice regularly, just not too close to meal times or the liquid may make her feel to full to eat.

Even favourite foods can be refused if given too regularly. If she continues to refuse a certain food, drop it from her diet and try again with the food at some time in the future. Forcing your toddler to eat food she dislikes can create bad habits during meal times, like dawdling over food or spitting out mouthfuls.

Regular snacks are important to maintain your toddler’s energy levels. Avoid giving snacks too close to meal times as this can stop her from eating a proper lunch or dinner.

Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Baby and Child – Your questions answered


10650 Revised November 2012

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