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Am I at risk from diabetes?

There are around 2.5 million diagnosed diabetics in the UK and a further one million people living with diabetes that has not been diagnosed.

There is often a 10 year delay between the onset of diabetes and the diabetes diagnosis. Most people with type II diabetes are visiting their doctor or the hospital for an unrelated problem when their blood sugar levels are tested.

This is because there can often be no noticeable symptoms for the early stages of type II diabetes. However, one third of patients at the time of their diagnoses have an irreversible complication. For this reason it is important that healthcare professionals and the patients themselves recognise the risk factors for type II diabetes and are screened regularly.

The risk factors associated with developing type II diabetes include:

• A family history of diabetes
• Asian or Afro-Caribbean ethnicity
• Women with a history of gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)
• Over 50s

Anyone who falls into one of these categories should be aware of the early signs of type II diabetes and regardless of any symptoms ensure that they are tested.

The test for type II diabetes is simple, non-invasive and inexpensive so there is no reason why one million people in UK have diabetes and do not know it.

Dr Daman Mulhi, Anaesthetic Consultant, NHS
Specialist in diabetes, anaesthesia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and public health awareness


10057 Reviewed November 2012

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