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Cold And Flu- Prevention

Cold and Flu Videos

How Can You Prevent A Cold Or The Flu From Spreading?

Here is a simple little idea that will help cold and flu prevention and will also help you stop spreading your cold and flu germs to everybody else. Catch it, bin it and kill it.

Catch it: First of all use a hanky or a tissue, disposable tissues ideally. If you are going to cough or sneeze, use a tissue rather than your hand to contain all the secretions coming out of your nose.

Bin it: Get it in the bin as quickly as possible before it lies around somewhere. Don’t tuck hankies up your sleeve like we used to, don’t leave them lying around on the table. Put them in the bin.

Kill it: Even if you have caught a lot of the virus in the tissue, you are still going to have some of it on your hands. Wash your hands effectively and thoroughly, or use a hand cleansing gel if you are on the move. This will help to kill any of the virus particles left on you.

So catch it, bin it, kill it and this will help to protect people around you.

Dr Trisha Macnair

10859 Published November 2012

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