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Cold and Flu Antibiotics

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Should You Ask Your Doctor For Antibiotics?

Colds, Flu and Viral infections, and viruses don’t respond to antibiotic treatments. So unless there is a complication of another infection on top, in which case someone would be very ill, there really is not point giving antibiotics. There is no point asking for them because they’re not going to make any difference to the cold and the flu.

What’s important is to treat the symptoms and to try and keep well hydrated. You can take simple pain relief, perhaps something like paracetamol that can also help to get the fever down. Try and treat a cold and flu from a symptomatic point of view.

Antibiotic medications aren’t going to help, and if you take them you could just end up with a nasty case of thrush or upsetting the gut flora. So really they’re best avoided unless someone is very ill and possibly has complications and an illness on top.

Dr Trisha Macnair

10856 Published November 2012

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