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Clinical Trials For Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Patient videos

Clinical trials offer patients with prostate cancer a treatment for their disease which has not yet been approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), the UK’s regulatory body for healthcare treatments.

Many patients may be concerned that enrolling in a trial is gambling with their health, however they are rigorously tested before reaching patient trials, and offer patients an opportunity to have their disease very closely monitored.

When David Smith was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, he reached out to his local prostate cancer support organisation, PCaSO, for information on a possible clinical-trial:

“With a clinical trial you really get looked after. I had top research oncologists and urologists treating my prostate cancer. It was a first class treatment, and my prostate cancer was monitored regularly. If I’d had any changes in my tumour or condition I would have been taken off of the trial immediately and placed back on the normal standard of care.”

Where do you find a clinical trial?

Trials for prostate cancer are often well advertised. Internet searches and speaking to prostate cancer support organisations and charities can help put patients in touch with a suitable clinical trial.

What happens on a clinical trial?

Before being invited to participate in a clinical trial the research team will look over the patient’s file and will often do further scans and tests on the prostate cancer. This in itself can offer further insight into how a patient’s prostate cancer should best be treated. A decision will then be made as to whether a patient fits the selection criteria for the trial and is either accepted on it or not.


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