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Cancer And Chemo– Hats And Wigs

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Cancer, chemotherapy, hats and wigs

Tara: What are the best kinds of styles for scarves or hats? Because for some reason I didn't really want to wear a wig, so I didn't go down that avenue.

Patrick Swan, Image Consultant: Firstly, I must admit I'm not a big scarf person. Because I think most people aren't adept at being able to put them on naturally.

Hats, on the other side, I think give you tremendous opportunity, and most people can actually look more like a character with a hat on than with a scarf.

Now, if you are a scarf person and you naturally know how to do it, of course I don't think there's a problem with it. If you wore scarves before, I don' think it's a problem.

If you can embrace even having your hair just exposed; your head exposed, as long as you put on a face, to me, I think you can look as stunningly beautiful as anybody who shaves their hair off as a statement. Which, I think can look more striking than anything else.

So, Topaz, now, you used to have long hair, right?

Topaz: Yeah, I did.

Patrick Swan: Now, this would be a perfect opportunity to start playing with different colours, because now you can really start experimenting.

So, have you ever thought of being a redhead?

Topaz: I've thought about it, but it's scary.

Patrick Swan: Well, I did bring a wig with me today, so let's give this one a try. And just to give you an idea of, again, one of the biggest, I think, problems that people have with wigs is; let me just have you just pop this on. . .

Is that many times what they do is people tend to want to style them to perfection.

And, again, I don't really believe in that. I really believe in trying to use your fingers as much as possible, because that will really tend to sort of make it look as if it's more of your own natural hair than something that you've combed into perfection.

The minute you can start tucking even a wig behind your ear, even that on its own, again, tends to make it look as if it's more grounded and it belongs to you as opposed to being a wig.

So, even things like that tend to start to make it look as if it's more anchored to your head than it being wig.

And always, just, again, you can pull out little bits on the side if you want to, there's nothing wrong with that, to make it look as if it's, again, just a little bit more natural.

Topaz: Can I have a look?

Patrick Swan: Sure!

What do you think?

Topaz: Yeah, it's different.

Patrick Swan: You look good as a redhead.

When you've got freckles you can always be redhead.

Top Tips: Scarves, Hats, Wigs

Square, cotton scarves are less slippery than silk

Hats can be a more versatile option

Style wigs with your fingers and tuck behind ears for a natural look

You can create a striking look with no hair and great makeup!


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