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Cervical Cancer Symptoms - Sonias Story

Cervical Cancer Videos

Sonia was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 years ago and is currently receiving ongoing treatment.

Sonia (Cervical Cancer Survivor): On and off over the years, I had some intimacy bleeding and after sex bleeding but I thought that was just normal for me. I had had smear tests in 2007, which came back normal. It wasn’t until I had this fluid or leakage, that I thought ‘could it be something else?’ I still thought it was probably just hormonal though.

The results of a smear test came back as ‘urgent referral’ so then I had the colposcopy done. The doctor had already said to me then that I had cancer.

I’m 2 years post treatment now. I’m onto 6 monthly check ups. Obviously you have ongoing problems due to the radiotherapy.

If somebody were to tell me they had any symptoms of that kind I would tell them to go see their GP and get checked out and to make sure they tell their GP all the symptoms that they have.

I think people think that it’s not going to happen to them and it does.

There are a few cervical cancer symptoms you can look out for such as:

• Bleeding during and after intercourse
• Bleeding between the periods
• Bleeding after the menopause

Other cervical cancer symptoms may include:

• Pain during intercourse
• An unusual or unpleasant vaginal discharge
• Pain in the lower back

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