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Celebrity Drugs And Death In The Spotlight

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Whitney Houston – a victim of Xanax and alcohol?

Whilst the exact causes of Whitney Houston’s death are unclear, her addiction to drugs and alcohol appears to be the most likely cause. The anti-anxiety drug Xanax when taken in concert with alcohol greatly increases the chance of overdose and can lead to respiratory depression and arrest. Whether Houston drowned in her bath or was dead before she slipped under water, it’s highly likely that the combination of legal drugs was the contributory factor in her death.

Propofol killed the King of Pop

Whitney Houston is just the latest in a long line of celebrities who have died from drug and alcohol misuse. The singer Michael Jackson, died in 2009 after taking propofol along with two other sedatives, lorazepam and midazolam. These drugs, often used to anaesthetise patients during surgery can also be prescribed to treat insomnia, from which Jackson was reportedly suffering. In Jackson’s case, his doctor administered too much propofol, which led to respiratory depression and finally respiratory arrest.

Amy couldn’t kick the habit

Amy Winehouse’s addiction to drugs and alcohol was well documented. Her death, aged 27, from extreme alcohol poisoning having drunk numerous bottles of vodka came as little surprise given her history of substance abuse. The damage caused to her lungs by regularly smoking crack cocaine had left her with a reduced breathing capacity. Drinking large quantities of alcohol can cause respiratory distress and, given her weakened state, caused her to stop breathing.

Ledger’s drugs cocktail

The actor, Heath Ledger died as a result of taking a mixture of legal, prescription and over-the-counter medications. He was found in his bed having died from acute intoxication caused by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, Xanax and doxylamine, an over-the-counter sedating antihistamine commonly found in flu medications. These drugs are commonly prescribed for conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, or even the common cold. The manner of Ledger's death highlighted the growing problems of prescription drug and substance abuse and the danger of combined drug intoxication.


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