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Breast Cancer and Mastectomy – Choosing your clothes

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Breast cancer, mastectomy and clothing

After breast cancer and a mastectomy it can be difficult to chose new clothes to wear.  Here are some tips from our fashion expert.

We might want to go back to Topaz because of what she's wearing.

Do you; when you wear a bra, will you wear an underwire bra?

I haven't gone back to underwire yet. I have a few bras, sports bras mainly, but obviously when I wear a dress like this I'm wearing a bra, but it has no underwire.

It's very clever. It's just in a sort of triangle, more like a bikini bra.

There's a lot of controversy about the underwire, and I know there are specialists places one can go to have themselves fitted, and there are places, actually, now that specialize even with people who've had mastectomies and reconstruction.

And I always think that those are your first ports of call.

If your breast is of a size that, really, you do feel that an underwire gives you that more support, again, it's just in moderation. I mean, wear it when you feel you need it.

I'm a firm believer that, really, you should have yourself re-measured every six months if you've got a sizable breast. Because your body is constantly changing.

I didn't want to change the person I was just because I got cancer. I didn't think; and I've always been someone that has been proud of my body, and I didn't want to start to feel conscious just because. . .

I mean, I'm fortunate my scaring is improving very well. It's only three weeks after my last radio. And; but I didn't think that suddenly I should become more conservative in my design of clothes. I'm still young.

But if you've got any cleavage at all, obviously, a deep V or, if you have a little cami on underneath, is sensible, or wide scoops, which is also good because it helps to open you up in this area, which, many times, the big area that most people; most women do question: How do you address?

If you don't have a very big chest, yes, of course, you can wear slashed necklines and more squared neckline. Things that are ruched are fantastic for the upper body because, again, if you've got any lumps and bumps that you don't like, or if you're trying to elongate the body, either having a ruching coming up the front can, again, just take away any lumps and bumps there.

Same thing along the sides. If you have any ruching along the sides, many times it can be much more flattering to a woman's body than something that is shapeless.

And having a well-cut jacket is an essential to every woman's wardrobe.

Top Tips: Clothing

Wear a well fitting bra

Look for necklines that are square, boat or slash as they are feminine but not revealing

If you are large breasted choose a soft cowl neck

Ruched tops draw attention away from any unevenness


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