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Bonding With Your Babies

Twins and Multiple Birth Videos

Bonding with your newborn twins, triplets or quads

Bonding with your babies may not be as instant as you dreamed it would be. There is no need to feel alarmed or disheartened if this is the case. After all, your attention is divided between your newborn babies which means you physically will not be able to give the same amount of cuddles and eye contact compared to parents with just one baby.

Your twins, triplets or quads may also need special care after they are born, which means they are spending time away from you in a neonatal unit.

Ways to help you bond with your newborn babies

One way to enhance your bonding for you and your partner is to make it as easy as possible to tell your babies apart. It won’t take long for you to get to know your babies and to know at a glance which one is which, but in the very early days it may take time to identify each baby; after all, you have just gone through labour, birth, and the sleep deprivation which comes with feeding more than one baby through the night.

Here are some quick ways to tell your babies apart:

- Different coloured blankets

- Different coloured clothes

- Different soft toy

- A short coloured ribbon on the cot handle

Bonding may take longer for parents of twins or more, but it will happen. Make use of any and all help offered so that you can spend as much time as possible with each baby individually.

Dr Carol Cooper, GP

Author of Twins and Multiple Births

All information used in this article was sourced from:

Cooper, C., 2004. Twins and Multiple Births. 2nd ed. Chatham: Vermilion

10689 Revised November 2012

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