What Is the Royal Baby’s Name?

As the world celebrates the birth of the royal baby, we look at the
psychological impact of names. When it comes to success in life, love
and work, does a name really matter? According to some new
research, the answer is yes!

The royal couple are some of the world’s biggest celebrities. With the
recent birth of little North West, Kim and Kanye’s daughter and
Zuma, son of Gwen Stefani, does that mean they will give their baby
an unusual name like other celebrities?

You name can even determine your occupation through “Name
determinism”. Dr. Brett Pelham found that people are more likely to
have an occupation that sounds like their name. He found that, for
example, dentists were more likely to have names like Smiler or

For William and Kate, their baby’s name may wind up being a self-fulfilling prophesy. One study showed that people with “royal”
sounding names such as James or Elizabeth were perceived an being more successful.

Whatever the name William and Kate choose for their baby, you can be sure it will spawn thousands of imitators.