The Royal Baby Arrives

The royal baby is here at long last! With such a long wait, Will and Kate are more than eager to start settling into parenting duties. But what’s the plan now that they have their royal bundle at home?

It’s important to know that you are far from on your own.

You will have visits from your community midwife within the first few days and she will be on hand to help you for the first ten days of your baby’s life. After ten days your health visitor will be there to help, either through home visits, or by inviting you to a clinic.

Looking after yourself and taking the time to rest will make it easier to look after your baby. There will be plenty of time for visiting friends and showing off your baby once you and your baby have adjusted to your new life.

Creating a routine for yourself and your new baby

Don’t rush to resume your normal life once you are at home with your baby. Make use of your partner and family being there to help. It is very normal to feel tired and anxious; after all your body has gone through a very big event and you are now caring for a new born baby.

During the early weeks you do not need to bath your baby every day. You can keep your baby clean by using a bowl of warm water and separate pieces of cotton wool to wipe your baby’s face and nappy area – called topping and tailing. Bath time can be a special time for playing with your baby and at some point will form part of your baby’s bedtime routine, but for now, it’s important not to do too much for your benefit and your baby’s.

Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner

Author of Baby and Child – Your questions answered