Royal Nappy Changing: What’s In Store For Prince William?

Prince William has reportedly been educating himself with online videos to pass the time waiting on his mini royal. Now that the baby is finally here, he has vowed to take on the duty of royal nappy changer. They don’t teach this in the airforce so listen up Wills! Here are our top tips to royal nappy changing!

Lie your baby on a changing mat and remove all of his or her clothes below the waist. Undo the dirty nappy and gently lift up your baby’s legs. Use baby wipes or cotton wool and water to clean the nappy area and gently pat dry. Then unwrap the new nappy and slide it underneath your baby’s bottom, with the sticky taps at the back. Pull up the front flap and secure in place by pulling and fastening the tags around the belly.

Make nappy changing as stress free and as quick as possible by having everything you need to hand, and never leave your baby alone on a raised changing station.

Baby boys will often spray urine over you and the room when the nappy is removed. Placing a sheet of tissue over his penis whilst you change him keeps him from spraying out.  For baby girls, always wipe front to back to avoid bacteria reaching her vagina.