Welcome to My Blog: Personlised Medicine

Follow this blog as we delve into subjects such as the personalisation of medicine and the use of epigenitics as doctors aim to understand just how a disease may work in each individual. As you watch the following videos in which we address issues such as this, I hope I can help you to further your understanding of this complex area of medicine.

Dr. Anu Arasu, Welcome to my blog

Hi. I’m Anu and I’m a GP in London.  General practice is really interesting because no day is the same. And, actually, no problem is the same. What we’re finding more and more is that medicine is becoming increasingly complex.

So, it was a hundred years ago the main disease profile was infectious.  We had an infection and all we had to do was find the bug and treat it. Now what we’re seeing is a whole different set of diseases. Nowadays, the main diseases are things like cardiovascular problems, they’re things like cancers, they’re things like autoimmune diseases and allergy. And all of these diseases are multifactorial. There’s not one simple answer. What this has taught me is not that we need to have all the answers, but that we do need to be changing our approach.

I think we need to be looking a lot deeper, to disease process.  For me, I think the future of medicine is going to become a lot more personalised.  I think in future we’re going to be looking at everybody’s epigenetics, by which I mean examining their genetic uniqueness and looking at how the environment affects that person.  It also means actually trying to understand the disease process going on in that individual. This is because that one-size-fits-all medicine approach is just not going to work as well for the diseases as they become more complex.

So, I guess this blog is a bit of my journey in that discovery process, and I really hope that you will all join in the discussion and help move this discovery forward. So, please do leave comments.