Being Examined ‘Below The Waist’

In my latest blog entry I address the social stigma involved with visiting the doctor with an embarrassing condition and knowing you will have to be examined ‘below the waist’.

Mr. Christopher Eden, Being Examined ‘Below the Waist’

Most men and women who have any form of affliction below the waistline; in other words any form of genital or urinary complaint, will be embarrassed. They will be acutely embarrassed, usually, to see their GP, and possibly even more so to see a specialist knowing that that specialist will want to examine them, ask them specific questions, and inquire into their sexual health.

It’s really important, though, that you’re not embarrassed about it.  You need to understand, from the doctor’s point of view, that you are another patient.  That’s not to say that they don’t care about you, they’re not going to be empathetic, but you are another patient. They see you primarily as being someone who’s bringing a set of symptoms, a set of problems that need to be solved; symptoms that need to be investigated, the treatment that will follow on. So, don’t be embarrassed. Do see your doctor.

Don’t die of embarrassment, literally, because you don’t want to take your concerns to your doctor. And don’t be afraid to use the terminology.  The words penis, clitoris, vagina aren’t rude. They are anatomically correct.