Welcome To My Blog: Notes From The Ward

Hi I’m Trisha Macnair, I’m a part-time geriatrician working with the elderly and would like to share with you some of the health issues that I often have to help people with.   Many are problems that we all face in some way, either because they affect us directly or one of our family or loved ones, and your perspective on them is vital.  I really hope that you will contribute your own thoughts and ideas to this discussion because between us we may be able to offer something useful to others going through the same problems.   I look forward to your feedback, enjoy!

Hello. I’m Trisha MacNair and I’m a part-time geriatrician working with the elderly in a small rehab hospital in Surrey.

We look after people who’ve had a major illness: an episode like a stroke or pneumonia, or a very big operation and they’re just taking a long time to recover.

In our hospital we have lots of really good therapists, so we give them all sorts of therapy and treatment. My role is that I help to look after all their medical issues and we usually, get them back home, which is where they want to be.

I thought it might be interesting if I shared with you some of the cases and the sort of issues that crop up a lot.  They’re often issues that affect everybody that relate to us, maybe not necessarily affecting us, but our parents or our loved ones or those in the community around us.

I want to raise the sort of questions and difficult situations that we all need to know a bit more about and maybe have some very interesting things to add to those issues. So, I’m really hoping that this will stimulate you to come up with your own comments and ideas and suggestions and actually add to the blog as well.

I’m really hoping that it’s not just going to be me blabbing away to you, but lots of you are going to join in with the discussion. So, do feel free to leave any comments you want to make on the blog, too.