Childhood Flu Vaccine

Hi, today I’d like to focus more specifically on the childhood flu vaccine, and why it is vital that you get your children immunised. Look forward to your comments!

So, why give a flu vaccine to all children?

I think this kind of runs counter to what most people think of flu, because we always think where there’s a lot of flu around. We think of the very old or those that have other conditions like asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and so on. We think of them as being most prone to having problems when they catch flu.

There are, actually, very good reasons for immunising young, healthy people. For a start, children and young people are great at spreading flu. If you can think back to how hygienic (or not) the average child is, you can see that they spread germs faster than almost anything.

The other very good reason, is that if there’s a pandemic, a worldwide epidemic, it’s actually fit youngsters who are going to suffer most as that’s what history’s shown us

That’s why I’m very much in favor of the new routine immunisation against flu for young people, not just for those that have other problems like asthma, diabetes, and so on.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking, “Well, don’t kids get enough vaccines already? I mean, that’s going to totally overload their immune systems.” Well, that’s just not the case. Let me assure you that today’s vaccines are so much more pure than they once were.  They, in fact, don’t overload the immune system and it’s been calculated you would have to give a child about 11 vaccines all at once to even occupy one thousandth of their immune system’s capacity.

So, to conclude; a young person’s immune system is very plastic. It’s got a lot of spare capacity and they can deal with what they’re offered routinely.

Have your child immunised.