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Malaria Prevention - Protection Against Bites

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Bite Prevention – Protection against malaria

When travelling to countries with a high-risk of tropical diseases it is essential that travellers do everything they can to gain protection against mosquito bites during the day and night.

Simple things can make a big difference to malaria prevention and save lives, these include:

1. Visiting a healthcare professional or travel clinic before travelling to discuss courses of antimalarial tablets and vaccinations. It is important to do this with plenty of time to spare as some vaccinations and treatments can take up to a month to become effective.

2. Use a powerful insect repellant with a high DEET content. DEET is approved by the World Health Organisation as a source of protection against mosquito bites. Check the DEET content of any insect repellant prior to purchase as any product with less than a 50% DEET content may not be effective in high-risk countries. Top up regularly during both the day and night, and pay special attention to areas of skin unprotected by clothes, like the hands, face and neck.

3. Cover up with loose clothes, long sleeved shirts, trousers and socks wherever possible. Mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting material so it is better for clothes to hang off of the body.

4. Sleep under a mosquito net. All good travel health clinics and outdoor pursuit shops will sell mosquito nets. Make sure the net is hung away from the body as mosquitoes can bite through the net anywhere it is touching the skin. Buy a kit with multiple attachment options to ensure the net can be properly attached to any type of tent or roof.

Tom Jenkinson, Film maker and experienced traveller

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